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XRP to NZD – How to Convert Ripple XRP to New Zealand Dollars

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XRP could be the cryptocurrency markets most controversial altcoin. Nevertheless, XRP is also a top favourite among investors. There is just one problem. It is notoriously difficult to convert XRP to NZD when cashing out investments. This is because most exchanges first require Ripple Coin to be converted to Bitcoin, before being converted to U.S. Dollars.

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Exchange XRP to NZD Directly Right Here in New Zealand

If you own Ripple XRP and need to cash out XRP to NZD, Easy Crypto in New Zealand has you covered. ⚡

Easy Crypto is a New Zealand owned, operated, and fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Why this is of benefit to Kiwi XRP holders is simple.

Easy Crypto Trust Pilot reviews NZ New Zealand
  • At Easy Crypto, it is possible to convert XRP to NZD directly, without having to first convert funds to U.S. Dollars on international exchanges like Coinbase.
  • Unlike on international exchanges, it is possible to exchange XRP to NZD in less than 24-hours.
  • Easy Crypto charges the lowest fees out of any of the NZ XRP brokers.

When using Easy Crypto to convert XRP to NZD, users can cash out an unlimited amount of XRP at any time. By comparison, users of exchanges like Coinbase can only cash out up to $10,000 (USD) per withdrawal. This makes Easy Crypto the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to liquidate XRP holdings.

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How to Get Started With Easy Crypto NZ

Getting started with Easy Crypto is easy. If you are a Kiwi or New Zealand resident, it is possible to open a new Easy Crypto account in minutes. Simply sign up via email, Facebook, or Google. After setting up a new account, we will then ask that you verify your identity.

The easiest way to verify new Easy Crypto accounts, is to submit a clear copy of your New Zealand issue driving license. Wherever this is the case, we can usually authorize users to buy and sell XRP in under 2-minutes.

Click here to create your Easy Crypto account now to sell XRP in minutes. ⚡

Selling XRP through Easy Crypto NZ converting XRP to NZD

How to Convert XRP to NZD

When looking to liquidate XRP coins in New Zealand, Easy Crypto makes doing so easy. All users can create a sell order on Easy Crypto in seconds. Where an account is fully verified, orders are accepted and processed in a maximum of 2-minutes. If for any reason there is a problem, exchange users can also rest assured that 24/7 customer support is available.

Most XRP to NZD transactions settle and see funds deposited into Kiwi bank accounts within 24-hours. Fees are incremental, and there are never any USD to NZD exchange fees applied like on other exchanges.

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Is Now a Good Time to Sell XRP?

Ripple Coin has a history of being a top coin to hold during altcoin bull runs like the last witnessed in late 2017. Then, XRP was successful in reaching almost $4 (USD) in value. Many, argue that XRP will retest this former high at some point, and perhaps appreciate even further in value.

Given the volatility and uncertainty associated with cryptocurrency, there is never a guaranteed time to sell XRP holdings. However, if you ever need to cash out quickly, Easy Crypto in NZ provides by far the best way for Kiwis to do so.

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