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How to Verify Your Cryptocurrency Balance

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A Bitcoin is being measured to illustrate cryptocurrency balance

To check your cryptocurrency balance is an important thing to do. And for most cryptocurrencies, it’s very easy to check the amount that is sitting in your wallet.

However, in order to keep your wallet secure, you must make sure that when you verify your cryptocurrency balance, you ONLY use the public address from your Portfolio. When viewing your Portfolio, the public address for each currency is the string of characters shown after “Your address” under that currency heading.

NEVER put your private key into an online form. Your private key is the code that lets people gain access to your money. NEVER put this into a website.

If you have just received your Portfolio, bear in mind that it can take several hours for your funds to appear.

The illustration of a cryptocurrency exchange and trading

How to verify your cryptocurrency balance

To verify your cryptocurrency balance, whether it’s in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple’s XRP, or Dash, you can follow these easy 3 steps :

  1. Visit these helpful web-tools

    There are some web-based applications that will help you to verify the current balance of any cryptocurrency addresses. For instance:
    – you can pay a visit to Bitref if you have cryptocurrency in Bitcoins;
    – you can do the same with BlockCypher, if your cryptocurrency is in Litecoins;
    – if you’re trading with Ripple’s XRP, you can use Bithomp;
    – or, you can use Chainz (CryptoID) for some type of cryptocurrencies.

  2. Input your cryptocurrency address

    In order to review your cryptocurrency balance, you need to provide those particular web-tools with your cryptocurrency address. Relax, they are safe services that use public data, so any kind of login feature and password are unnecessary.

  3. Check the balance

    After you provide the web-tools with the cryptocurrency address, click “Check” to verify its balance. Those web-based applications will show the updated transactions of each address that you provide.

For any currencies not listed here, in this post, please check the recommended wallets page. You may need to download a wallet to be able to view your balance.

And if you want to move your balance to another wallet, you can follow these steps.

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