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How to Send More Cryptocurrency to Your Existing Easy Crypto Wallet?

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NOTE: the Easy Crypto wallet is no longer offered for new customers. If you have an existing Easy Crypto wallet, read on, otherwise please check out our wallet guides to setting up your own wallet.

With Easy Crypto, to make another order and send it to your existing Easy Crypto wallet (previously called a ‘portfolio’), all you’ll need is the coin’s public address from inside your wallet.

Important: You can only send coins to an address of the same type of coin. Bitcoin can only go to a Bitcoin address. Only Ripple can go to a Ripple address, etc.

Here is an example using Bitcoin, but the same process applies to any of our coins in Easy Crypto.

  1. Get the address

    Open your Easy Crypto wallet, and copy the public address (“Your address”) from your previous Bitcoin order.

    Highlighting Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address

  2. Make a new order

    You can arrange an order and choose the “My existing address” option.

    Existing Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address

  3. Choose coin

    Select Bitcoin as the coin you want to purchase and enter the amount.

  4. Click Buy Now

    Make the new purchase.

  5. Input the Bitcoin address

    Paste in the Bitcoin address from Step 1.

    Confirm your order

  6. Complete the order

    The funds will arrive into your same wallet address!

Please note: Your existing wallet file will not automatically update the balance shown when you open it. To check that you have received the funds, you’ll need to click the link to “Check live balance”

Check live balance in your Easy Crypto portfolio

Think of the wallet as a letter that we’ve sent you, where we’ve told you that we transferred $100 to your bank account (your public address). It also contains the password to your bank account (your private key).

Now imagine that a month later we send you another $500 to your bank account. The letter you have would still only talk about the $100 that we originally sent you because the letter doesn’t actually know anything about your bank account — it was just an informative one-time thing.

Well, that’s exactly how Easy Crypto wallet works! It’s just a highly secure way to send you some information. But it isn’t possible to know what the true balance of your account is, because only you have access to your account.

Now your next question might be to say “Well in that case, why don’t you just send me a new letter with the updated balances?”

Unfortunately, we can’t do that either, because we have no way of knowing whether you have spent money from your account between letters. Only you have access to your true balances.

To verify your own balance, just click the link to check your live balance.

The address for each of your coins is inside your Portfolio, and you can put your address into an online balance checker without any risk. Just take care: Do NOT put the private key into any online checker! The key is what gives people full access to your cryptocurrency.

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