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Offline Bitcoin Transaction with TxTenna

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The illustration of offline Bitcoin transactions with TxTenna

Offline Bitcoin transactions are no longer just a dream. With the new technology from TxTenna, we could be sending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to each other without any internet access at all.

Some emerging technologies in the mobile network space are having crossover effects which are being considered by those in the cryptocurrency world. Take for example the experimental goTenna ‘mesh’ network. This network will be created through clever use of a user’s existing mobile phone, and a device aptly named a ‘goTenna’. This goTenna connects people via radio frequencies locally to create a local network. The more users that are connected to the larger the potential range. This can all be achieved without using any mobile phone towers, routers or satellites.

Immediately we can start to picture how this kind of technology advance could facilitate localised Bitcoin transactions around the world. The creators of goTenna had this vision and decided to team up with the crypto wallet start-up Samourai to try and fulfil this vision.

Introducing offline Bitcoin transaction with TxTenna

This partnership created ‘TxTenna’ (visit its website here).  A Bitcoin wallet that uses the above-mentioned mesh network to facilitate transactions from the wireless to the wired. This puts cryptocurrency right in the realm of a cash transaction. People can transact with one another, in the most remote areas, with no access to the internet. TxTenna makes the offline Bitcoin transaction possible. It works the same too with any other cryptocurrencies.

All the benefits of blockchain technology are now potentially at the fingertips of users in every corner of the globe. That is if they have the ability to use TxTenna with a smartphone. One could foresee large scale versions of these networks popping up in all major cities; as well as in remote areas outside of regional hubs.

This leads us again into the way we think of physical cash. Cash is expensive to create, hard to store, dangerous to hold and hard to trace. A setup like TxTenna could solve all the above-mentioned problems and streamline local trade.

This kind of set up would have been impossible to imagine 10 years ago, however, digital currency has made it a reality.

What are your favourite technology advances that integrate crypto?

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