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What is Lisk? – New Zealand’s Lisk Overview

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What is Lisk (LSK)?

  • Lisk is a cryptocurrency and decentralized app development platform
  • The Lisk Foundation strives to bring future blockchain creators together, by making it easier to create high-quality D’Apps
  • Lisk features a user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) and uses sidechains to deploy new D’Apps

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Lisk (LSK) Explained

The Lisk Foundation was established in 2016 by blockchain developers Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Together, Kordek and Beddows created the Lisk blockchain and its associated token, LSK. However, Lisk is much more than just another altcoin.

The Lisk blockchain is in many ways similar to Ethereum. Like Ethereum, Lisk provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) which blockchain developers can use to build decentralized applications. Moreover, like with Ethereum, developers can create their very own blockchain network on top of Lisk, without having to develop the fundamentals from scratch.

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How Does Lisk Differ from Ethereum?

Like Lisk, Ethereum users can create and run D’Apps. However, the process is far from straightforward. D’Apps on Ethereum can only be created using an Ethereum-specific programing language called Solidity. Bitcoin Core, meanwhile, also uses an unfamiliar programming language called C++.

For the most part, non-blockchain developers find the use of obscure programming languages counterproductive. Conventional Android and IOS Apps, after all, are written in Java and are easy to market to App users for this reason.

To encourage mainstream App developers to get involved with blockchain technology, the Lisk SDK is Java-based. App developers can, therefore, code in a language with which they are familiar. Moreover, Lisk also provides App developers with other incentives.

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Lisk Developer Benefits

  • Lisk allows developers to publish Apps to its own App Directory (similar to the iStore)
  • Developers of monetized apps can make more profit per App than when creating Apps for Apple or Android
  • Lisk features a much more user-friendly frontend user interface than other D’App creation platforms
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Is Lisk a Top Coin to Watch in 2019?

In January 2018, Lisk coin prices peaked at an astonishing $38.40. Since then, prices have fallen to almost $1. This makes Lisk a bargain for those who believe in the potential of the Lisk blockchain. However, it also needs to be kept in mind that newer platforms like EOS compete directly against Lisk. Investors would, therefore, be wise to watch how Lisk innovates, and what new roadmap goals the Lisk Foundation puts in place for 2019.

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