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How to Buy Cryptocurrency in New Zealand

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Congratulations! You’ve decided you’re keen to invest in the future and become directly involved in the wonderful space of cryptocurrency. Now your next job is to find a safe and easy place to buy crypto for yourself.

Well, look no further! You’ve just found New Zealand’s best place to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and we’re here to help you with anything crypto that your heart could possibly desire!

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What are your advantages when trading with Easy Crypto?

  • You can buy over 70 cryptocurrencies at the cheapest broker prices in New Zealand through us.
  • You can sign up and be verified to start buying and selling within 4 minutes on average, thanks to our automated system.
  • We automatically process your orders, meaning you can have crypto in your wallet within minutes after making an order.
  • Every order you make is 100% guaranteed, meaning that your money is 100% safe from the second your order is lodged to the second we send it to you. Easy Crypto is the only crypto broker in NZ to have this.
  • We are the easiest place to trade in New Zealand. We do all the complicated stuff for you, and we simplify the essentials.
  • We are a 5 Star business, and we’ve completed tens of thousands of successful orders for Kiwis without a hitch – you can see our reviews here.

Now that you are assured you are dealing with a reputable, easy and efficient local crypto broker, let’s dive straight into how to buy and sell crypto in NZ.

We will provide you with all the information on how to get started, how to buy crypto and how to keep your crypto safe.

Buying Cryptocurrency in New Zealand can seem difficult and sketchy, and that’s what we thought too. That’s why we created Easy Crypto.

How to buy bitcoin cryptocurrency in New Zealand NZ

Where to Start with buying cryptocurrency in New Zealand

If you are totally new to crypto, I would strongly recommend having a quick read of our guide on the basics of Cryptocurrency, and our article on why people buy cryptocurrency in the first place. In 5 minutes or less, you will have a firm understanding of the basics of crypto, as well as why so many people are buying it in 2020.

For those who are already seasoned traders looking for better rates, customer service or ease that don’t need a step for step process on how to get involved, you can jump straight to our main website and follow our sign up process here.- This may very well be the last time you have to do this

How to create an account with Easy Crypto NZ sign up options

First things first – Let’s Create You an Account.

You can jump straight in and create an account within 30 seconds by clicking here. As seen above, you can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to streamline sign in, or you can just use your regular email. Once signed up, if you want to get straight into trading, we will first have to get you verified.

Easy Crypto verification image man holding up photo of ID

Verify? – Why?

In New Zealand, it is mandatory for crypto brokers like us make sure that our customers are who they say they are. This is called KYC, and it’s required by NZ law as a measure against money laundering. You can learn more about why we have to comply here, but this is standard procedure for all exchanges and brokers in NZ.

We know from our own experiences that this can be a pain, so that’s why we have made it as easy as possible for you to get verified.

We use an automatic ID system called Origin ID, so you can be verified and ready to trade within 3 minutes on average. Your information is 100% safe, and the only person who will ever see it is our compliance officer Janine. You can verify by going to Account > Verification > Upgrade, or you can click here.

Easy Crypto green verification tick

Verified – Now What?

Sweet!- Now that you’re in the green, let’s dive straight into how to buy some cryptocurrency!

First of all your going to want to figure out what coin to buy, and by law, that is one of the things we can’t tell you to do 🙁

You are now entering the research phase, a good place to start would be with the big three (the three most popular coins). All three of these coins are entirely different, and are built to serve very different functions.

You can find our simple rundown on the three most popular currencies by clicking here.

If you already know what you want, click here to buy crypto through Easy Crypto!

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