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Who are Horizon State? Project Overview

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Who are Horizon State?

There are many potential uses for blockchain technology; some of which are more suited to the evolving industry than others. One such successful use case is Horizon State.

In simple terms, the Horizon State platform combines blockchain technology with a voting system. Utilising the transparent and immutable nature of a distributed ledger, Horizon State allows users to vote, fundraise and create incentivisation systems for a myriad of practical uses.

One such real world implementation has been organised with the New Zealand based political party ‘The Opportunities Party’ (TOP). The leader of TOP committed to allow members a greater say in political decisions and Horizon State’s platform fit the bill to achieve that goal. A contract with the South Australian Government is another impressive implementation Horizon State have in their resume. This contract will allow users to vote digitally in a blockchain based election.

The Horizon State platform uses a native token known as the Decision Token (HST). These are used for running the decision and voting processes by providing gas to enable services within the ecosystem. Third party developers can create their own customised use cases thanks to the Decision Token utilising the ERC20 technical standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The flexibility of this smart contract system works well with the Horizon State ideal.

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The Executive team behind Horizon State were driven to bring current voting and consensus systems in line with modern technological advances. Costs and transparency have become a highly debated issue within current voting systems world-wide; and the Horizon State founders were quick to use their experience to utilise blockchain technology as a solution.

Since its inception, Horizon State has proven to be very popular and enjoys strong community support. Consistent milestones have been achieved and the company is continually looking to grow its user base and drive real world adoption. A deal with the Democratic Party of India is the most recent achievement from the team and displays the global opportunity available to management and investors alike.

Given their close ties to Australia and New Zealand, it was only natural that Easy Crypto have teamed up with Horizon State to allow customers to buy or sell HST in Australian or New Zealand Dollars.

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