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How to Buy Ripple XRP in NZ – The Easy Crypto Guide

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How to Buy XRP in NZ

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually very easy to buy Ripple XRP in new Zealand. You have several decent options for buying Ripple XRP in NZ, but your best option is to buy XRP at the best prices in New Zealand through us; Easy Crypto NZ.


Easy Crypto is your best bet for buying Ripple XRP in New Zealand for several key reasons:

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Now that you own Ripple XRP, What should you do with it?

There are two major investing strategies in the world of XRP and crypto. Day trading and long term holding. You can always do a combination of both, but when I buy XRP, I am buying my XRP to Hold.


Holding XRP Long Term

Long term holding is to buy XRP to sit on it for the long term, to minimise risk and secure your footing in the market for the long-distance future. (5-15-25 years.) The idea of this is to basically accumulate and buy XRP in whatever amount works for you, and sit on it without selling it to let it grow as global cryptocurrency adoption and development takes off. This would be the same idea as investing in the internet in the 2000s.

This is my own personal strategy, and its the same one as the majority of our customers. There is no guarantee that XRP will succeed, however, you need to have skin in the game to reap the rewards.


Day Trading XRP Short Term

This second strategy revolves around buying low and selling high, typically on a day to day basis. This is called day trading, but it can become extremely tedious, risky and complex. You will have to learn technical analysis for this and look out for signals in the market, and base your projections and short term XRP trading strategy of your day to day research.

I personally have near-zero experience in this as I’m in it for the long term, but this is very high risk and I would advise to only get into this if you have a solid understanding of cryptocurrency and technical analysis already.

You can, of course, go with both of these strategies, however, I personally prefer to long term hold.

If you need any help with buying XRP in NZ through Easy Crypto, please don’t hesitate to flick us a message on our contact page.

Last updated 6th January 2020

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