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Buy Litecoin NZ – New Zealand’s Litecoin Guide

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Litecoin (LTC) is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. First going live in October 2013, Litecoin is a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain. Similarities between Bitcoin and Litecoin are reflected in increased development cooperation between the two currencies.

For this reason, most people who buy Bitcoin to invest, buy Litecoin also. Find out how to buy Litecoin in NZ by reading our Easy Crypto Step by Step Guide.

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Buy Litecoin NZ – The Easy Crypto Step by Step Guide

Until recently, New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia was considered the best place to buy Litecoin. However, Cryptopia is no more. Thankfully, Easy Crypto is just as easy to use a local exchange. At Easy Crypto, users can also buy Litecoin directly via bank transfer, with most transactions confirming in under 2-minutes.

Create an account with Easy Crypto NZ

Step 1 – Create an Easy Crypto Exchange Account

Easy Crypto in New Zealand is the only Australasian based exchange, where new user accounts can be verified in under 24-hours. To buy Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency, start by signing up via email or an existing Google account.

 Click here to make an account with Easy Crypto.

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Step 2 – Verify Your Identity

Before you can buy any cryptocurrency at Easy Crypto, you will first need to verify your identity. Thankfully, Easy Crypto makes this process altogether easy. To verify an account, simply forward us a copy of your New Zealand issue driving license.

If you have a New Zealand issue driving license, Easy Crypto will usually be able to verify your account in under 2-minutes.

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Step 3 – Enter How Much LTC You Would Like to Purchase

After verifying a new Easy Crypto account, users can buy Litecoin and other coins instantly.

  • Enter the amount of LTC in NZD which you would like to purchase.
  • When prompted, enter your existing LTC wallet address.
  • If you don’t have an LTC wallet, select the option for Easy Crypto to create a new wallet for you.
  • Confirm the amount of Litecoin you wish to purchase and enter your payment information.

If you do not already have a Litecoin wallet, Easy Crypto will create a new LTC wallet for you. When this is the case, LTC wallets will be delivered to you via email as soon as transactions are confirmed.

NZD passing through mobile phone and converting into New Zealand dollars NZD

Exchange Litecoin for New Zealand Dollars at Any Time

Most people who buy Litecoin do so to invest long-term. However, at Easy Crypto, we also make it easy to exchange Litecoin for New Zealand dollars at any time.

When exchanging Litecoin for fiat cash, funds are deposited into user back accounts within 24-hours. Easy Crypto exchange users may also cash out up to $10,000 LTC at any time. However, transactions size limits may be imposed on some Litecoin to NZD transactions, where LTC was initially purchased from other exchanges.

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Is Litecoin a Smart Investment in 2020?

The cryptocurrency market is by nature inherently volatile. However, people planning to buy Litecoin in NZ can rest assured that Litecoin is one of the most reputable altcoins currently on the market.

The Litecoin price is by no means guaranteed to ever reach the same lofty heights as that of Bitcoin. However, Litecoin’s robust development does make LTC a top choice for investors looking to mitigate risk by diversifying their portfolio.

Click here to buy Litecoin instantly at the best broker prices in New Zealand now.

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