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How to Buy Crypto Easily and Safely in Australia?

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The illustration of a cryptocurrency exchange and trading

With the recent surge in public interest around Bitcoin and crypto, there’s a good chance that you’re looking to get in on the action yourself. For Aussies out there looking to buy crypto in Australia, you’ve come to the right place!

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually incredibly easy to buy crypto in Australia – or anywhere really, as long as you have a working internet connection!

You could say that’s one of the beauties of cryptocurrency, its decentralized nature makes it accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

How to buy crypto in Australia?

Buying crypto in Australia is quick and easy. With Easy Crypto Australia, you can kick off and buy crypto in three simple steps:

  • Buy or download a crypto wallet to safely store and manage your cryptocurrencies.
  • Back up your cryptocurrency wallet so you can be sure your digital assets will be accessible whenever you want to use them.
  • Sign-up for an account with Easy Crypto and get started investing in cryptocurrencies in Australia!
We make it easy for you to exchange crypto in Australia.

Here at Easy Crypto Australia, we make the crypto buying process fast and easy for our customers. Buy and sell orders are typically processed on the same day and are delivered to the wallet of your choice.

We’ll show you just how easy it is to buy crypto in Australia. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up

    Start off by signing up using your email, Google account, or any of the other options we have available.

  2. Verify your account

    To do this you’ll need to submit a picture of your Australian ID, passport or drivers license. You’ll be able to start purchasing any cryptocurrency once the documents you submitted have been verified. This shouldn’t take long at all 🙂

    For further information, you can visit the Easy Crypto’s account verification guidance.

  3. Make your cryptocurrency order

    The next step is deciding which cryptocurrencies you’d like to buy. Once you’ve done your research take a look at the cryptocurrencies we have to offer. Once you’ve decided which cryptocurrencies you’d like to buy, simply enter the amount you will be buying along with an address and then choose one of our payment methods.

  4. Choose your payment method

    You can currently choose between 2 different payment methods when buying cryptocurrency on Easy Crypto. These include SiD EFT and manual bank deposits

    (Based on internal testing, we found that SiD EFT’s tend to process quicker than manual bank deposits).

Need a crypto wallet? Read our guide for the best crypto wallets in Australia for 2021.

In the world of crypto, any coin that isn’t Bitcoin (BTC) falls under the category of being an ‘Alt-Coin’ (short for ‘alternative coin’). However, a great majority of alt-coins are quite frankly worthless.

Avoid picking out a random cryptocurrency just because people tell you to buy it. It is always a good idea for first-time crypto investors to research the big five cryptos before diving deeper in the alts — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and XRP.

I picked them out because they’re five great examples of what a cryptocurrency can be.

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How long should I hold my cryptocurrencies for?

This a decision that only you can make, but hopefully I can provide some insight into how long you may want to hold your crypto for.

Coins stacked against a clock.
Investments are not get rich quick schemes. Source: Tumisu from Pixabay

There are two prominent crypto investing strategies – Short term holding (Sometimes known as day trading) and Long term holding.

Short term holding (or day trading) is when you buy cryptocurrency with the intention to sell it off again in the short term when prices are higher. This strategy is much riskier than long term holding, but it is a strategy that is very popular with people wanting to yield fast returns.

Long term holding is when you buy crypto with a firm intent to hold it for the long-term future. This can be anywhere from 2 years to 20, and the general idea is that if you buy crypto now while prices are low, you will reap the returns in 10-20 years when/if crypto sees widespread adoption and usage.

I personally prefer to hold my crypto long term, as I know the math behind cryptocurrency technology is sound and I feel sure that if exposed to more people, cryptocurrency will become increasingly more adopted and therefore valuable.

Cryptocurrency basics

Now that you have a basic understanding of crypto investments, let’s make sure you also nail the fundamentals.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency where encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and to verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

To break this down and simplify – a cryptocurrency at its core is a virtual currency that exclusively resides on the internet, which has no concept of international borders, banks or governments.

Cryptocurrency is a new class of money, a virtual type that isn’t controlled by institutions but rather by its users. You store crypto in a cryptocurrency wallet instead of a bank, and Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever created.

Since the creation of the first crypto in 2008; Bitcoin – 5,290 other cryptocurrencies have spawned, all with a shared vision of revolutionizing payments by using state-of-the-art encryption technology in combination with blockchain technology.

More on Bitcoin: Read our complete guide on Bitcoin in 2021.

Why do people buy crypto in the first place?

Because you’re already reading this article, you probably have a fair idea of why people buy crypto in the first place. But if you would like some more reasons, here is why most people buy crypto in Australia.

  • Some crypto have a finite market cap, such as Bitcoin (BTC) which is limited to 21 million units. This makes them more valuable over time.
  • Cryptocurrency is stored in a crypto wallet and not in a bank account, meaning that once you own crypto, you are now a participant in a financial realm that is independent of the established Australian fiat system.
  • People buy crypto because they know that no matter where they go in the world, as long as they have their cryptocurrency wallet at hand they have universally valued money that can be exchanged to local money on command.
Logo of various cryptocurrencies
The logo of various cryptocurrencies. Source: Wikimedia Commons

For these reasons and more, people buy crypto as an investment – because they know other people in the world are buying crypto to use as an actual financial instrument – and crypto adoption is growing rapidly.

Why Easy Crypto Australia?

The five-stars review for Easy Crypto via Trustpilot, as the place to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in Australia
The five-stars review for Easy Crypto via Trustpilot
  • Easy Crypto has some of the best crypto prices in Australia
  • We’re one of the only crypto retailers in Australia to have a 100% funds safety guarantee across all orders.
  • We’re a licensed cryptocurrency service provider and we’re held accountable by the Australian government.
  • We provide active and friendly human support for orders and crypto-related queries.

Get started: Click here to buy crypto in Australia today!

If you have any questions on crypto, feel free to reach out to our helpdesk as we’re more than happy to help you buy crypto and kick off your cryptocurrency investments.

Also, read more topics on all things crypto by visiting our learn site here at Easy Crypto.

Last updated 16 June 2021.

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