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Buy Bitcoin SV in New Zealand in Under 2-Minutes

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Bitcoin SV is the world’s newest Bitcoin inspired altcoin. Forked from Bitcoin Cash in 2018, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has proven to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2019. However, Kiwi cryptocurrency investors can find it harder to buy Bitcoin SV than other top market cap altcoins.

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Buy Bitcoin SV in New Zealand with Credit Card

Bitcoin SV has recently been delisted from leading international cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Buying and trading Bitcoin SV is, therefore, more difficult than buying other altcoins. It is also more difficult to trade Bitcoin SV for other cryptos and fiat cash.

Buying BSV through Easy Crypto NZ

At present, Easy Crypto in New Zealand represents the easiest way for everyday Kiwis to buy Bitcoin SV. Users can buy and sell Bitcoin SV for New Zealand Dollars, just as easily as they can Bitcoin. Here, we’ll look at how.

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Register and Verify an Easy Crypto Account

To buy Bitcoin SV or any other top market cap altcoin, Kiwis first need to open and verify an Easy Crypto account. The good news, though, is that this can be accomplished in under 2-minutes by new Easy Crypto users.

  • Sign up to Easy Crypto via email or by signing in with Google.
  • Complete a basic profile setup by entering personal details like your name and contact information.
  • Verify a new Easy Crypto account by uploading a copy of your NZ driving license.
  • New users who use a New Zealand issue driving license, can have accounts verified in under 2-minutes.

You can click here to sign up now.

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Setup a Bitcoin SV Wallet

Before buying Bitcoin SV (or any other cryptocurrency) it is important to set up a Bitcoin SV wallet. It is also important to remember that Bitcoin SV is not Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This being the case, when setting up a new wallet, always make sure a wallet supports the Bitcoin SV ticker BSV.

You can find the wallet shown in the image above here.

Buying Bitcoin SV satoshi vision through Easy Crypto in New Zealand screenshot

Choose How Much Bitcoin SV You Would Like to Purchase

After verifying an Easy Crypto account and setting up a Bitcoin SV wallet, it is time to choose how much Bitcoin SV you would like to purchase.

  • Enter an amount of Bitcoin SV in New Zealand Dollars which you would like to purchase.
  • When prompted, enter the public key of the Bitcoin SV wallet where you would like your BSV deposited.
  • Finalize payment using an automatic or manual bank transfer.

In most cases, Bitcoin SV purchases are confirmed and completed in under 2-minutes. BSV coins are then deposited into user wallets ready for trading or investing.

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Where Can I Trade Bitcoin SV for Other Cryptocurrencies?

At present, Bitcoin SV does not enjoy widespread cryptocurrency trading platform support. However, Bitcoin SV can be traded on international exchanges like Bitfinex. BSV users are also able to exchange BSV instantly for other altcoins, at instant exchanges like Changelly.

Multiple cryptocurrency logos in front of a trading graph

Cash Out Bitcoin SV for New Zealand Dollars

At Easy Crypto, users can buy Bitcoin SV, and trade Bitcoin SV they own for fiat cash at any time. Most Bitcoin SV buyers currently buy coins to hold for investment purposes. However, if you do wish to trade BSV for New Zealand Dollars, funds can be deposited into user bank accounts from Easy Crypto within 24-hours.

Click here to start trading BSV through Easy Crypto today 🙂

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