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How to Buy Bitcoin in Christchurch, New Zealand

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Christchurch New Zealand

Easy Crypto is the best Bitcoin exchange in Christchurch for NZ locals. Google might tell you that peer to peer exchanges like Local Bitcoins is your best option. However, only at Easy Crypto is it possible to buy Bitcoin in Christchurch at fair market prices. Easy Crypto is also the only local exchange where it is possible to exchange Bitcoin to NZD 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Easy Crypto leads the market in several ways:

  • We have the best broker Bitcoin prices in New Zealand
  • We are the only automated Bitcoin broker in NZ to have a 100% funds safety guarantee
  • We have over 6000 Kiwi customers who we have served diligently over the past 2 years
  • You can sign up and have Bitcoin sent to you in less than 2 minutes

Click here to get started with buying Bitcoin in Christchurch through Easy Crypto today.

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Christchurch

Anyone considering buying Bitcoin in New Zealand has two main options. Prospective traders can sign up at international exchanges like Coinbase. Alternatively, Kiwis can buy Bitcoin at a homegrown Bitcoin exchange like Easy Crypto.

To understand which option is right for you, it is important to consider a few key facts.

  • Kiwis always pay more for Bitcoin on international exchanges like Coinbase. This is thanks to NZD to USD exchange rates.
  • It can take far longer to buy Bitcoin on international exchanges like Coinbase, than on local exchanges. This is thanks to complex ID verification requirements on international exchanges.
  • International exchanges aren’t answerable to New Zealand financial regulators when things go wrong.

In every case, it is, therefore, safer, easier, and cheaper, to buy Bitcoin right here in New Zealand. The easiest way to do so, being via Easy Crypto.

Buy and Exchange Bitcoin to NZD in Under 2-Minutes

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Easy Crypto is NewZealand’s foremost locally owned, operated, and regulated Bitcoin exchange. This provides Kiwi cryptocurrency investors with several key benefits.

  • Easy Crypto exchange accounts can be verified in under 2-minutes with a valid NZ issue driving license.
  • No NZD to USD exchange rates apply when buying Bitcoin. Instead, it is possible to buy digital assets directly with New Zealand Dollars via direct bank transfer and POLi Instant Pay.
  • It is possible to exchange Bitcoin to NZD 24/7 without paying international exchange rates or waiting days for transactions to clear.

Being locally owned and operated also means that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, support is available. This is very different from international exchanges, where accounts can be regularly frozen without warning.

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Peer to Peer Exchanges & Bitcoin ATMs

As well as local and international Bitcoin exchanges, it is possible to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand peer to peer and from Bitcoin ATMs. In both cases, though, investors should expect to pay up to 20% premiums on Bitcoin prices.

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Buy Bitcoin in Christchurch in Under 2-Minutes

At Easy Crypto, new accounts can be created and verified in under 2-minutes. Easy Crypto also makes it easy to instantly cash out up to NZD 30,000 in Bitcoin in any 24-hour period. To discover just how easy buying and selling Bitcoin can be, get started today by clicking here.

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