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What is the Best Bitcoin Exchange in NZ? – Buying Bitcoin in 2020

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NZ Bitcoin exchange best options for buying Bitcoin 2020 New Zealand

2020 promises to be an exciting year for cryptocurrency. With the Bitcoin halving just around the corner, many Kiwis are already looking to secure a stake in the market. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at the Best Bitcoin exchanges NZ for new investors.

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Easy Crypto – The Best Bitcoin Exchange in NZ for New Investors

Bitcoin halving in 2020 is already grabbing the attention of new to market crypto investors. However, people new to Bitcoin typically share two investing concerns.

Bitcoin prices are volatile. Bitcoin exchanges are also rarely user-friendly. Easy Crypto in NZ addresses this problem. Namely, by making buying Bitcoin easier than popping open a cold one.

Easy Crypto NZ Trust Pilot reviews
  • Kiwis can buy Bitcoin at Easy Crypto with NZ Dollars, at the best local market prices.
  • Easy Crypto users can verify new accounts in under 2-minutes, and pay instantly via bank transfer and by POLi Instant Pay.
  • Bitcoin can be delivered via email in a pre-configured paper wallet or directly to your own Bitcoin Wallet.

By being easy to use, Easy Crypto is by far the best Bitcoin exchange in NZ for Kiwis completely new to cryptocurrency. However, there are also other Bitcoin exchange options available to Kiwis.

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LocalBitcoins – The Best Bitcoin Exchange in NZ for the Underbanked

Easy Crypto might be the easiest to use Bitcoin exchange in NZ. However, not all Kiwis have access to mainstream banking services.

Research suggests that up to 20,000 Kiwis (approx) don’t have access to a personal bank account. When this is the case, Kiwi Bitcoin investors aren’t able to make use of exchanges like Easy Crypto. Instead, most are forced to buy Bitcoin peer to peer.

Based in Helsinki, LocalBitcoins isn’t New Zealand owned or operated. However, Kiwis can use LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoin directly from other Kiwi and international LocalBitcoins users.

  • LocalBitcoins supports a number of payment methods including PayPal.
  • Buying Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins is relatively safe. This is thanks to LocalBitcoins holding coins in Escrow until payments clear.
  • Kiwis using LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoin can lower transaction risks by only buying from sellers with a high reputation score.

The main negative of LocalBitcoins rests with the fact that Bitcoin always trades at a premium.

On Bitcoin exchanges like Easy Crypto NZ, users always pay real-time market prices for coins. By comparison, Bitcoin prices on LocalBitcoins can be up to 1/3 higher than on regular exchanges.

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Kiwi-Coin – The Best Bitcoin Exchange in NZ for Local BTC Trading

Buying Bitcoin at peer to peer exchanges like LocalBitcoins is usually a last resort for Kiwis. However, there are local peer to peer exchanges that offer better value when investing.

Kiwi-Coin is similar in many ways to LocalBitcoins. Like LocalBitcoins, Kiwi-Coin is a peer to peer exchange. As a result, coins still trade at a premium. However, Bitcoin on Kiwi-Coin usually trades closer to mainstream market rates. Kiwi-Coin also benefits from registration as a legitimate NZ financial service provider.

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin peer to peer on Kiwi-Coin using NZD Dollars.
  • Kiwis benefit from access to a free test version of Kiwi-Coin, where they can practice buying and selling Bitcoin.
  • Fund Kiwi-Coin accounts and withdraw NZD balances to any NZ bank account.

In many ways, Kiwi-Coin is the best Bitcoin exchange in NZ for aspiring Bitcoin traders. However, new to market Kiwis may find Kiwi-Coin’s trading UI confusing. As a result, Kiwi-Coin is not ideal for virgin BTC investors.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Exchange NZ For you?

Easy Crypto strives to be the best Bitcoin exchange in NZ for new Bitcoin investors. However, all investors should always check exchange prices before buying coins. Users should also be careful of exchange scams online, especially when these promise daily returns on initial investments.

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