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Bitcoin to NZD – Where Can I Sell My Bitcoin in NZ?

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Investing in Bitcoin can be extraordinarily lucrative. However, the only way to realise profits is to convert your Bitcoin to NZD. For many Kiwis, this can prove problematic. However, there is an easy way to Sell Bitcoin NZ and convert your BTC to NZD in New Zealand almost instantly. ⚡

How to Buy Bitcoin Easy Crypto NZ

Where Can I Sell My Bitcoin in New Zealand?

Kiwis often use international exchanges to sell Bitcoin, because they believe that they have no other option. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Easy Crypto NZ is a New Zealand owned, operated, and regulated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency brokerage, which caters exclusively to Kiwis and New Zealand residents.

After signing up at Easy Crypto, Bitcoin can be purchased in under 2-minutes via direct bank transfer and POLi instant pay. More importantly, verified customers can sell Bitcoin NZ and convert Bitcoin to NZD at any time, without incurring hefty bank charges or international exchange fees.

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How To Convert Bitcoin to NZD in New Zealand

To convert Bitcoin to NZD at Easy Crypto, new users first need to create an account with us and verify their identity. Luckily, doing so is very easy. If you own a New Zealand issue drivers license, accounts can be verified in under 2-minutes. ?

Easy Crypto is your best way to sell Bitcoin and convert BTC to NZD for several key reasons:

  • Easy Crypto has the best Bitcoin to NZD prices out of all of the Bitcoin brokers in NZ
  • We are NZ’s only Bitcoin broker to have a 100% funds safety guarantee across all orders
  • We have the only automated verification system out of the NZ brokers, so you can sign up and be converting your BTC to NZD in less than 2 minutes

To sell Bitcoin, all users need to do next is navigate to the Easy Crypto ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ page. Here it is possible to cash out the equivalent of $10,000 in Bitcoin to NZD in any 24-hour period, and we can also cater to larger trades via OTC.

  • All requests to convert BTC to NZD are authorized as soon as your Bitcoin arrives in our wallet.
  • It is possible to covert amounts of Bitcoin to NZD in excess of $30,000. However, if your coins were not originally purchased from Easy Crypto, you can easily prove the source and go forward with selling your Bitcoin.
  • In every case, Bitcoin to NZD funds is deposited into user bank accounts within 24-hours. (Unfortunately, the banks aren’t quite as fast as crypto, so bank deposits can take longer on the weekends.)
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When is The Best Time to Convert Bitcoin to NZD?

Easy Crypto makes it easier for Kiwis to convert BTC to NZD than at any other local or international exchange. All we can’t do is say with any certainty when Kiwis should cash out.

Investing in Bitcoin is like investing in a financial rollercoaster ride. Even Kiwis who convert BTC to NZD when Bitcoin reaches new all-time highs sometimes regret doing so. The best thing Kiwi investors can, therefore, do is to plan in advance how long to invest for. Just remember that when you do cash out, Easy Crypto represents the best way to do so. ⚡

Click here to convert your Bitcoin to NZD through Easy Crypto in minutes today.

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